A pretty nice surprise

I’m sorry that I’ll hype a little bit in this post, but I really can’t help it. Today happened something so special and I’m so exicted. I don’t usually blog in English but today, for some reason, I feel much more comfortable in English. This is also very good training and I can almost say that I’m studying. I have English exam on Monday and I should be studying. Well, I’ll study later in this evening and on the weekend.

When I came home today after my Swedish exam, I first went to get the mail, as usual. I wasn’t expecting anything special so I was a bit puzzled when I saw quite a big package in our mailbox. Then I realized what it was. I had been waiting for it, but I’d thought that it would arrive in the end of the next week or even later. I took all the letters and the magazines and the package and hurried inside. I threw my school bag and other stuff just somewhere and placed the mail on the kitchen table. I quickly opened the package and took out a box. For a while I was only able to stare the box and picture on it.

“Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9”, told the letters on the top of the white box. I just sat there for couple of minutes feeling confused. I was staring at the box like it might just dissappear. Or someone might just come over and tell that this was just a joke. That I wouldn’t get the tab and they had just been trolling me.

No, it wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t trolling. There really was Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 wifi. And it was mine. Of course I first took couple of pictures and tweeted them. I am definitely addicted to Twitter. After that I finally opened the box.

After that I’ve been just having fun with my tab. This seems great! I’m actually writing this post with it and the Logitech bluethoot keyboard which I’ve used earlier with iPad. As I’ve written earlier, I’ve had iPad from school for something like 6 weeks and I’ve used it a lot in school and at home. Well, next year I can use Android tablet. I have for long time wanted to try out Android tablet – also in school. There is so much talk just about iPads. I really like iPad but I want to know also about other options and try those out. I had been wondering would someone borrow me Android tablet if I would in exchange write a lot about my experiences. I guess nobody would do that.

Absolutely the best thing is that I paid nothing for this Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. I wouldn’t buy any tablet right now because I don’t have that much extra money. But in this case I didn’t need to spend any money at all. I got it for totally free because I won it. I don’t want brag or anything, so it really happened. Ilona IT had a competition. The idea was that you’d send them a learning project you had done with some mobile device, like a tablet or a mobile phone. I had been doing some math videos with iPad to my friend to help him with studying. My dad said I should send my videos to the competition. I was a bit sceptical. My videos aren’t that fancy or good. Well, I thought that I couldn’t lose anything so I sent an email with the link and a brief description what was the idea behind my videos.

I really didn’t think that I could win anything but I did. There was three projects on the first place (the results) and one was mine. The judges weren’t able to decide which one was the best so they decided to give all of us the first place but the price of the second place. We could choose either iPod Touch 8GB or Samsung G alaxy S 5.0 wifi. Both are media players, like smartphones without GSM or tiny tablets.

I chose Samsung, but as you know I got a tablet not a media player. How that happened? I was really lucky. The importer, which Ilona IT used, didn’t have Samsung Galaxy S 5.0 -media players anymore. But they had tablets so I got this get instead – and I am not dissapointed, on the contary.

So this kind of surprise I got today. Sorry for hyping, you’ll probably need to stand some more in the future, about Samsung tab or iPad. We’ll see.


P.S. I really would like to know what you thought about using English this time. And which one you prefer, Finnish, English or should I use both? Not at the same post of course, but should I write some posts in both languages or something like that? I really appreciate your opinions – even if you tell me that my English is horrible to read or full of spelling mistakes.


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