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When I started this blog in autumn 2011 I didn’t even think about using any other language but my mother tongue Finnish. Writing in English didn’t even come to my mind and unfortunately I’m capable to write this kind of texts only in those two languages, Finnish and English. I’ve studied Swedish for 6 years now but as I’m not using it in everyday life as I’m using English, my vocabulary is rather poor and I can’t build up very complicated sentences. In German I can probably oder a burger and that’s all. Not having used it for over two years means that I might even struggle with that burger.

However, that time writing in Finnish was a no-brainer. It wasn’t until spring 2012 when I wrote a post in English. I had considered it a bit as I thought it would be amazing to have foreign readers. After all, when I wrote “A Pretty Nice Surprise” it was nothing I had planned. In the moment using English just felt a lot easier. For some reason things that sound corny in your native language don’t sound so corny in any other language – at least for me it works that way.

Since that I’ve been thinking that I should blog a bit more in English. More people could read it, practicing is always good for me, it’s relaxing and sometimes it’s so much easier than scribbling in Finnish. I’d like to tell  you a lot more about me and English language and our rather complicated relationship but I think I’ll dedicate an entire post for it and some other things. It’s an interesting story that has taught me a lot about both language learning and learning in general – and about myself too. By now I’ll just say that English has become an everyday language to me and I love to use it. That has been the case at least for over two years now and it feels great.

Surely it doesn’t mean that my English would be perfect. No way, I’ve got lot to learn and I do make mistakes – but I really want to learn and get better at it. That’s partly what this posting in English is also about. So as I’ll publish something more I hope you won’t hesitate to tell me about my mistakes and give advice. Getting feedback – positive or negative – is always useful.

Just one more thing: I won’t abandon Finnish either. I’ll write in Finnish too and probably translate some posts if that seems sensible. So if you’d rather read my texts in Finnish, no worries, there’ll be some.

Anyway, if you have anything to say about this language issue, just tell me, I’ll listen. This isn’t all about me – even if it would seem like that sometimes – most of all I want to think about you my dear readers.

Stay strong, summer is here soon!

– Pilvi



2 thoughts on “Bilingual blog

  1. Great, its always a pleasure to read good blog posts in English :) It’s such a beautiful language. And having to some nice Finnish blog text to read isn’t bad eather :) (Well for me who understands both languages well enough :D I have often though about having a bilingual blog, but ended up to the conclusion that it would require too much work for me, to keep the balance of languages somewhat even, thats why I have 2 different blogs one Finnish and one English ^^

    • Thank you Aleksi! You calling my post “a good blog post” just gave me such a huge amount of motivation. Thank you for that! Maintaining the balance isn’t and won’t be easy and your solution – having two blogs – makes sense to me. I hope I’ll manage to have a bilingual, not mainly Finnish or English, blog.

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